Congratulations Rachelle Fleischman!


Six months before her wedding, Rachelle started taking classes three to four times a week to get ready, and she says it helped her get the leanest she’s ever been in her life for her big day.


“I used to be a competitive gymnast and until I found The Studio (MDR), I haven’t taken an exercise class for longer than the one-month trial in the last seven years! I did work on my diet as well and thanks to Lindsey, and Mary, I loved coming to class in the mornings. I pushed myself to stick to a regular workout schedule and on my wedding day, I weighed less than I did in high school.”

We’re so proud of you Rachelle, and love that you’re still hitting the Megaformer even now that you’re back from your honeymoon!


The Ultimate Guide to De-Funkifying Your Workout Gear


It happens to the best of us. Those yoga pants, tanks and even ToeSox start to REEK after a while! Before you feel all bad about your smelly self, understand this: It’s actually pretty normal. You know how the material your workout clothes are made of is designed to keep you sweat-free? Well, stick it in the washing machine and it’s also resistant to that water, making it tough for suds to penetrate the fabric and get it smelling squeaky clean. What’s more (and slightly grosser), the body oils that seep out of your pores when you sweat—in addition to a buildup of detergent on your Lycra and Spandex—further contributes to water and suds not being able to penetrate the fabric.

So, what’s a self-conscious sweat-soaked (MDR)’r supposed to do? Follow this simple advice for workout gear that smells just as fresh as the day you toted them home:

  1. Never use fabric softener. When you’re washing synthetic materials (read: all of your wicking workout gear), fabric softener leaves behind a film that’ll forever prevent your clothes from getting clean.
  1. Use less detergent than you think you need. Sounds crazy. The more your clothes stink, the more suds you need, right? Wrong. More detergent also causes a buildup, coating your Lycra and Spandex with a film that’ll make it even tougher for water to penetrate.
  1. Run your gear through a wash cycle with no soap. This can help remove any detergent or fabric softener buildup that’s already there.
  1. Line dry, or use low heat. While your go-to high-heat cycle may dry your clothes fast, it also bakes in the stink.
  1. Try the vinegar trick. Followed the advice above and still dealing with funky-smelling little black yoga pants? Pre-soak in a sink filled with cold water and 1 cup white vinegar for 15 minutes, then launder as usual. Trying to eliminate serious stink? Go ahead and pour two cups of white vinegar in there.

(MDR) Trainers’ Perfect Summer Day


Need a little inspiration for your next Sunday Funday? Here’s how The Studio (MDR) trainers spend an ideal day off:

Mary Miller
My perfect summer day? It’s a Saturday, my day off! I would wake up and ride my bike to The Studio (MDR) West and take Lindsay’s class. Then, I’d meet my friends for a yummy brunch before posting up at the beach all day long. After some sun, swimming in the ocean, and hanging with my friends, I’d ride my bike home just in time for a beautiful sunset and then BBQ at home with everyone!

Melissa Kusack
I’d wake up and work out of course! Then, I’d take a bike ride along the beach with my boyfriend, Drew. We’d meet up with friends, play catch in the sand and cool off in the ocean. Then, a stop at Whole Foods for some yummy and healthy picks to grill for dinner would end my idea of a perfect summer day. I am all about living each day to the fullest. I walk out everyday seeing the palm trees and the water and can’t believe this is my life! (Can you tell it’s my first summer in LA?!)

Olivia Chaniewski
I’d start off by sleeping in. Then, I’d make a simple breakfast, either a smoothie or oatmeal, and then find my way to my favorite beach: Playa del Rey. My first order of business would be to go for a nice long sand run. I would spend a good portion of the day relaxing and enjoying the beach while listening to my “Drift” playlist on Spotify. I would end up at The Studio (MDR) to get an amazing workout and get my endorphins going on full blast! I’d snack on my favorite Quest Bar (mint chocolate chip) and some trail mix somewhere in between. Once I got home and cleaned up I would grab dinner with friends somewhere around my neck of the woods in Los Feliz. I like Home Cafe or The Alcove. I would end the night by attending either a live concert at a small venue like the Troubadour or The Fonda or by seeing an amazing live improv show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

Albina Katsman
A perfect summer LA day for me is waking up at 7 a.m. and taking a sweaty and juicy class at The Studio (MDR) with any of the fantastic teachers that we have. Then, I’d come home and read a great script with influential characters that prompted me to learn something new. Some fresh strawberries, mangos, and apples make the perfect fruity summer salad breakfast. Heading to the beach with a fun crowd and some chill tunes to listen to is the best way to spend a day off. All of my friends are so interesting and have a lot going on in their lives, so I am sure some deep conversations will occur that will help me connect with the others that are around me—and who knows, maybe I’ll even make a new friend? To end the day, I’d have a delicious steak salad prepared by my boyfriend and then we’d spend the night in watching Orange is the New Black!

Natalya B.
I’d sleep in until 11 a.m. (haha, yes!). Then, I’d get a good workout either at The Studio (MDR) or the gym where I live. I’d follow that up with a good lunch at Hosteria del Piccolo in Santa Monica where I’d order the veggie soup (healthy!) and the spaghetti with lentils (it’s a cheat day of course!). At night I might catch a movie at ArcLight Cinemas Beach Cities!

I’d teach and then take an early (MDR) class. Then, I’d swim and lay out for the rest of the day at the pool with the kids, followed by Dad’s BBQ in the evening.

Casey Palazzo
I would start with a morning run on the bike path by the beach (hopefully it would be overcast!) and would squeeze in a (MDR) work out of course. I would then head to Griffith park with my dogs, Harley Dutch and Aurora Bass, for a quiet hike to my secret spot where I get no phone service. I’d spend a little time up there reflecting and might even read a book for a little while. For dinner I would go to Hugo’s on Santa Monica, which is literally the only place I like to eat out. If I could have any scenario, I would go to a concert at night somewhere outdoors (maybe the Hollywood Bowl). The lineup? Britney Spears, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Beyonce/ Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake (a girl can dream can’t she!?)

Dana Goodman
It’s pretty such summer weather all year here in LA, however during the summer I love a great morning workout followed by a protein shake from Earth Bar, then brunch with my family or friends (I love trying the newest restaurants), and then either heading to the pool or to the beach for a little while. I love a great nighttime sunset at the beach especially during the summer because it still usually cools down at night.

Lindsay Hallam
My perfect summer day would include waking up to the sunshine instead of an alarm, having brunch by the water with friends and an afternoon hike up to a clear, smog-free view of the city!

Yumi Sugai
Summer days in LA are my absolute favorite!  My perfect day would start before the sun—I love mornings! I’d take a sunrise hike or a run along the beach with my puppy Shaq and have a Black Gold drip from Groundwork Coffee on my way back. Next would be a stroll through the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market tasting every piece of fruit in season!  The view that comes with brunch at the Huntley is absolutely breathtaking, and I’d order a Bloody (extra spicy and extra celery—I like a salad in there!) and their black truffle omelet (it’s to die for!). If I can squeeze a workout in at The Studio (MDR) that would pretty much complete my perfect day, ending with a BBQ or a home cooked meal and maybe a walk along the beach. I can not get enough of those summer sunsets!

The $189 “Bring A Friend Special” extended through July 7th!


Here are the details:

1. New client must be brand new, have only tried one of the intro specials, or hasn’t taken a class in at least 4 months.

2. Email to redeem.

3. Existing client with monthly membership can apply the deal to their next month.

4. New clients membership must be purchased by July 7th, 2015.

To Modify or Not to Modify? with Natalya Busygina


During classes, I often advise “never hesitate to modify.” This is an important consideration during your workout. Do not consider modifications as a sign of weakness – all it means is that this approach is your appropriate level for today.

It’s about making the smart and most productive choices, focused on modifying and building your strength one class at a time, while not compromising your form.

However, don’t get too comfortable! When classes grow in intensity, and you question whether to modify or keep on going – the latter is your answer. Modify when your form suffers – not just because the workout is difficult. Don’t look for excuses!

And remember, change never comes from comfort zone. Challenge yourself, each and every time!