Trainers’ Fave Fitness & Food Blogs

Looking for a little extra motivation? Check out these blogs our (MDR) trainers read religiously for exercise inspiration, delicious recipes, and more.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.55.17 AM

Jessi’s Faves

  • – This site may not be suitable for our more consertivate clients, but it’s very Jessi—strait and to the point no BS!
  •– This has been a favorite site of mine for a few years now, and not just because I have written a few blog posts for them! It’s got a little bit of everything you want and need to get inspired, physically and mentally.
  • – I love this site because l get a daily inspiration email from them, and I can just see the first sentence before I open it and it’s always something I can relate to or use to reflect on as my day progresses.

Lindsay’s Faves

Dana’s Faves

  • – This is my all-time favorite recipe and health food website. It offers easy recipes for healthy, clean eating as well as a guiding point for living healthy inside and out! I also follow her on Instagram (nourishmentnow) and Facebook (
  • TamalYoga is a fitness/wellness Instagram account that offers food for thought as well as inspirational photos and food.

Mary’s Fave

  • – Chelsea is my sorority sister from college and she’s now a health coach. I love visiting her website and checking out all her accomplishments. She offers healthy eating tips that apply to everyday life!

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