The Refer a Friend Challenge

FriendsThis month we are holding an incredible challenge here at The Studio (MDR)!

If you’ve joined our community, odds are good that you’ve been transformed. And we’re willing to bet that there are some people in your life who you’d love to help transform as well – especially with summer right around the corner! To encourage you to get your friends to walk into The Studio (MDR) – and to get them to sign up! – we’re running this REFER A FRIEND challenge.

It works like this:

  1. Get as many friends as you can to take a class at The Studio (MDR) and tell them to mention your name when we ask who referred them. The minimum to enter the challenge is to refer at least 3 friends!
  2. At the end of May, we’ll tally up how many friends you’ve sent our way.  You’ll get double points if your referral signs up as a member!
  3. The Studio (MDR) students with the most referrals and sign-ups will win! 

These are the prizes:

  • FIRST PLACE: One month of unlimited classes at The Studio (MDR)!! Retails at $259!!
  • SECOND PLACE: A $100 gift card to Beyond Yoga!
  • THIRD PLACE: A $50 gift card to Cow’s End Cafe!

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