CONTEST: Why do YOU love being a mom?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so we thought we’d salute all our SoCal mommies out there by having a contest to give away a free week of unlimited total body workouts!

mother's dayEntering is simple. 

  • Step 1: LIKE our Facebook page here.
  • Step 2: LIKE SoCalMoms FB page here.
  • Step 3: COMMENT on this blog post and tell us your favorite thing about being a mom. Not a mom quite yet? No prob. Just tell us what excites you most about having your first child.

The most heartfelt comment wins a FREE WEEK of unlimited workouts at The Studio (MDR)! 

Winner will be chosen on Mother’s Day!

P.S… Everyone is a winner because we have officially joined forces with for their May Fitness Initiative to make workouts fun and affordable for moms. Find an exclusive discount to visit our studio on


4 thoughts on “CONTEST: Why do YOU love being a mom?

  1. Tina says:

    Being a mom gives me purpose in life. I have never loved nor been loved like I am now having children. Everyone describes having a child as the most intense love that you just can’t describe….it just keeps getting better. Watching my “babies” grow and become the most amazing mini-adults is the most gratifying feeling in the world. I love bing a mom, I love being their mom, I love my kids more than words can say.

    • thestudiomdr says:

      CONGRATS TINA!!!!! We’d love to offer you a free week at our studio! 🙂

      To claim your prize, simply create an account on Once you’ve created an account, email support [@] and let Ken know. He’ll add a free week onto your account!

      All good?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Being a mother of three marvelous human beings is the greatest spiritual experience and transformation of my life. Each one of my children has taught me something about life and about myself that I may never have known if I hadn’t been blessed to be their mother. My son, Benjamin,13, taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. He has given me understanding and belief in a deep, soulful love, and has given my life true purpose. My daughter, Hannah Rose, 8 years old, taught me how to be present. How to truly listen, understand, and be “there” for another, even in the most difficult times. My youngest daughter, Sayuri Lily, has taught me much about life path choices, the importance of being silly, and staying calm in the midst of challenges. She has given me much joy and shown me that I am a wonderful mom just for being me; flaws, mistakes, and all.

    Being a mother is an honor. It can be soul wrenching, painful, difficult, and nothing like you thought it would be. It can be joyous, gratifying, marvelous, and full of more love than you ever imagined you’d feel in your heart. I love my children more than life itself.

    I am forever transformed by my children, and my heart, soul, and yes, even my body. Though I’ve added a few pesky pounds to my hips and have a stretched out belly, I wear it with pride! I’ll just sweat more and transform those extra pounds into extra marvelous mommy.

    • thestudiomdr says:

      YOU WIN! Such a wonderful response, how could we help ourselves?!

      To claim your prize, simply create an account on Once you’ve created an account, email support [@] and let Ken know. He’ll add a free week onto your account!

      All good?

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